Some Thoughts, Some Updates, and Some News

As most of you are probably already aware, official Zendikar previews began over at this past Monday, although “official” spoilers have been coming in for a few weeks now.

The big news: we’re FINALLY getting enemy fetchlands!


This is something some players have been clamoring for ever since the original fetchlands were printed way back in Onslaught in 2002. Back then, these lands were even included in mono-colored decks as a way to thin the deck and improve the quality of cards drawn—because who wants to topdeck a land in the late-game? Well, um…

Oddly enough, due to Zendikar’s new keyword ability “landfall,” there could be a lot of players hoping to topdeck land in the late-game. In regards to landfall, the new fetches essentially allow you to get your land drops earlier in the game, by “fetching” a land out of your deck and putting it onto the battlefield at your leisure. If you play a fetchland and use its ability on the same turn, you’re triggering any landfall abilities twice. Land drops have never been so important. The potential downside to using the fetchlands in a deck based around landfall is that you’re pulling lands out of your deck, making them unavailable later in the game. If an opponent is able to weather the storm and deal with your threats, you’re going to have a hard time triggering landfall when there are no lands left in your deck to draw or fetch. This likely won’t be an issue, but it’s something to think about, especially if a good control deck emerges that can stall and survive into the late-game.

Speaking of lands to be excited about, take a look at this gorgeous, full-frame Zendikar island by John Avon:

This is the most beautiful island yours truly has ever had the pleasure of seeing. Anyone willing to part with theirs in exchange for any of the other full-art ZEN lands, please, send an email (for reference, it’s card #234 in the Zendikar set). I’ll be collecting these particular islands (foil and non-foil versions) and anything I can find with this artwork (binders, playmats, etc).


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