Blue has been Cancelled.

“Blue is so damn awful right now… Which is exactly where Blue likes to be, in the shadows so it can creep up on a tournament to snatch the title. When people stop worrying about countermagic is when it is most potent.”
Kyle Sanchez, in his latest StarCityGames article.

Thanks Kyle. I needed that.

After countless hours spent in front of the computer, refreshing MTGSalvation’s infamous Rumor Mill, we were finally rewarded on Thursday morning with a complete Zendikar spoiler.

And wouldn’t you know it, blue looks terrible.

I had been waiting for some exciting cards to write about, but they just weren’t showing up. I even began a post (which I’ll likely edit a bit and end up posting anyway) so that I could just plug in whatever blue goodies appeared on the Zendikar spoiler. But what I was waiting for just wasn’t coming.

Mindbreak Trap? Sure, it’s NEAT! But where are the utility spells? Where are the draw spells?

Now, it’s very likely that I’m missing something somewhere, not examining cards closely enough, or not giving cards a chance. I’ll try to correct that in the coming weeks, after I’ve had a chance to play with some Zendikar. But for the moment, I want to talk about something else…

It’s a common idea nowadays, after its 5th(!) printing in 3 years, that Cancel is being forced down our throats, and that Wizards is going to continue printing it until we accept it and play with it.

Agreed? I thought so.

So guess what? I’m going to try an experiment. I’m going to pull the old “pretend-you-like-something-long-enough-and-eventually-you-will.” The “grin-and-bear-it,” if you will. I’m going to Jedi Mind Trick myself.

I’m going to play with Cancel. In Standard.

In fact, I’m going to go out to this weekend’s prerelease and try to get myself some of those fancy MPR textless Cancels, just to hype myself up for it.

Results to come.


3 responses to “Blue has been Cancelled.

  1. I have been using Courier's Capsule for draw. I don't mind it. Give that a shot.

    I am pretty excited about Spell Pierce! That card seems pretty sick!

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