Chapin’s List (UW Control)

Pro-Tour San Diego: Patrick Chapin and his Blue-White Control deck were featured in a video deck tech late on Friday evening. See below:

So, sideboard notwithstanding, I wasn’t far off. Looks like Chapin ditched the Calcite Snappers (regrettably, considering the moniker I used for the deck in my last post), but otherwise a very similar list to what I have above. I’m actually surprised how close I was to getting the same manabase—I’m only off by +1 Scalding Tarn. Chapin does indeed run 2 copies each of Mind Spring and Martial Coup, along with maindeck Flashfreeze and Celestial Purge.

Notice also the FOUR copies of Cancel in Chapin’s deck.






At first, this seems a bit odd. Before now, the problem with most of the playable counterspells (Flashfreeze, Negate, Essence Scatter) was that they were narrow, which often made it difficult to have the correct counterspell for the situation. Enter Worldwake: along come Jace, the Mind Sculptor AND Halimar Depths—both of which help to correct this problem. With these cards, it is much, much easier to have the right counter at the right time. Still, Chapin & co. chose to run 4 copies of Cancel. Why?

The “problem” with Cancel has always been blatantly obvious. Counterspell=good. Cancel=bad. The only difference between the cards is the extra 1 mana. It might not seem like much, but imagine if the price of a staple such as gasoline increased by 33% (oh, wait…it has). Sucks, right? But Worldwake has also gifted us with a means of making up that difference: the mother-lovin’, Everflowing Chalice. As Chapin explains in the video, Chalice may be the “best signet ever,” due to its versatility.

For the curious, here are the differences from my original list:

-3 Calcite Snapper
-2 Negate
-2 Path to Exile
-1 Day of Judgment
-1 Scalding Tarn

+2 Cancel
+2 Flashfreeze
+2 Martial Coup
+2 Mind Spring
+1 Celestial Purge

Lastly, here’s Chapin’s maindeck (as he had it arranged in the deck tech):

Jace and friend

Photo by Alexander Shearer

[2] Essence Scatter
[2] Flashfreeze
[4] Cancel
[4] Jace, the Mind Sculptor
[2] Mind Spring
[2] Martial Coup
[4] Tectonic Edge
[4] Treasure Hunt
[3] Oblivion Ring
[1] Celestial Purge
[3] Day of Judgment
[1] Path to Exile
[2] Arid Mesa
[1] Negate
[1] Iona, Shield of Emeria
[4] Everflowing Chalice
[4] Celestial Colonnade
[4] Glacial Fortress
[4] Plains
[1] Scalding Tarn
[3] Island
[4] Halimar Depths

EDIT: Added Chapin’s sideboard:

[3]  Baneslayer Angel
[1]  Elspeth, Knight-Errant
[1]  Essence Scatter
[2]  Flashfreeze
[3]  Kor Firewalker
[1]  Mind Control
[2]  Negate
[1]  Perimeter Captain
[1]  Plains


4 responses to “Chapin’s List (UW Control)

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  2. Joey, was sleeping on the idea of how to handle this deck now that the meta is a little more defined. Wondering if spreading seas in the board along with the main edges are a viable mana denial strategy alongside the counterspells denial. I know that Mike would agree with it too :). Seeing as how the instant speed removal here is less than we are used to as of late, more options to handle man lands can only be good. I can see seas being in the board, as thaving it in the mirror is just plain bad. The spike of this deck’s popularity still coming, especially since LSV stated his Naya deck is specifically weak to it. It allows you to play both Jace and the tectonic edge angles in a neat answers-it-all package. Additionally, early spreads force the land committmet bringing the edge online sooner. Going to be running it for a while. I’ll let you know.


  3. Seas is definitely something I’m considering.

    I’m looking forward to Chapin’s article this week—he’ll likely recommend some minor changes based on his experiences this weekend. But considering he went 8-1-1 in the Standard portion, I don’t expect anything significant. It’s a solid deck; we just need to focus on finding and covering any weaknesses. Chapin said mono-red burn was his worst matchup. That’ll give us a head start in the right direction.

    • after they have finally posted his actual board, it looks a lot like there is a number of misdirecction tools. elspeth is ok, and single shot plains and needles are strange to me… seeing as how most of the decks are either 3 color, or non mono Blue, its a good pick. Flores is still touting his esper build as of tonight on twitter… after picking up his grixis burn deck, I still feel like Sorin is amazing. and esper charm is great too… as I have been experiencing in the Dan Brown build… so many people play incorrectly around the Persecutor… so very horribly wrong… much to my pleasure of course. A big part of me however is really liking whats going on here. In my experience, the king of the manabase right now is none other than Michael J Flores, and unfortunately, until we get some validation on a manland infused esper base from him, I seriously cant settle on an esper base using Sorin. Also, having not faced any tectonic edges yet, maybe esper is too fragile…. still… treasure hunt to draw while making esper charm discard, or draw in a pinch is not surprisingly awesome…. and then there’s that blue planeswalker guy…. what’s his name again???

      feel free to discuss on the cast… also, any chance you could help me get Mike to publish or give us the mysterious esper land base???

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