Affinity For Islands is a Magic: The Gathering blog by Joey Pasco.

Photo by Rob Johnson

Photo by Rob Johnson

I have been playing MTG since January 1995, and over that time I have developed a love for playing blue-based control decks, hence the title of the blog. In the autumn of 2009, I co-founded the Yo! MTG Taps! podcast with my best friend, bigheadjoe. In January 2011 I was asked by Evan Erwin to be a part of the launch of the SCGLive coverage team. In the spring of 2012 I joined Matt Kranstuber and Reuben Bresler on the In Contention podcast after the departure of Sam Stoddard (who went on to work for Wizards of the Coast R&D).

This site is an outlet for when I feel the urge to write (rather than talk) about Magic, and will cover my thoughts on the game, news, and any interesting decklists I am playing or have heard about. Focus will primarily be on Standard, Modern, and Legacy, and decks will likely involve islands (but no promises).

Anyone interested in reading more about my MTG history should read my post, Introductions, Part II: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blue.

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